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WordPress Rescue

Lackluster boring website? Let's rescue it together. Be less afraid of your website and have fun working with it!


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over...Let's automate the process with a toolbox that's right for you!


Strategic planning and implementation. Data and Analytics...and don't forget content!

Step 1. Planning & Strategy

Dreams are great but they don't mean much without execution.

Step 2. Design & Programm

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Step 3. Release & Promotion

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What my clients say

When I first talked to Mindy I felt so relieved! I was excited that my business was doing well, but frustrated that my technology did not seem to be working for me in the most efficient manner.

Mindy has an amazing way of being upbeat, positive and a "we-can-fix-it" attitude that is paired with the actual ability to make things happen!

I had a huge list of changes I wanted to make to my website! I wanted it to be:

    • Blog Friendly since I post on an average 2 blogs a week.
    • Easy for my clients to access the information they need see the payments and make a purchase quickly.
    • Needed the Member Access area to respond immediately to any member who forgot their password.
    • And I needed a person to make the communication systems work seamlessly between all the programs I was using.

I AM SO BLESSED that I found Mindy! She is a rock star in my eyes. Many times I felt as though she read my mind with things she would create for me and systems she would put in place.

Mindy solved all my issues, and along the way, she taught me how to do things for myself, via screen share and phone calls. I now feel confident in using my technology!

Plus I have the bonus of having her monthly support program to take care of the details that I really don't have time for!

I always encourage my clients to invest in their company and purchase equipment that will make them efficient and produce professional results. Hiring Mindy follows along that same philosophy: I invested in the correct technology and amazing technician to put it all together to continue to grow and take to New Heights!

Thank you Mindy for being amazing at what you do!