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What are content templates?

Over at, one thing that has been repeatedly asked of Joette: When I’m writing an email, what should I say? 

Now, you not only have an idea of what to say, but you have the whole thing mapped out and done for you. All you have to do is purchase, edit, and launch. It’s really that simple!

Content templates are done-for-you content, packaged in an order that is designed to grow your audience and sell your services!

..and now, Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl Promotional Template Packs are ready!

Both come with detailed instructions, so you’re set up for success.

Valentine’s Day content templates contain a lovely sales sequence – with opportunities to showcase your decor.

The Super Bowl content templates make a great nurture campaign – tons of value for your audience – if Super Bowl is not a typical decor highlight for your business. It talks about other holidays coming up, delivers recipes, plus game cards that are branded with YOUR business that can be printed and passed out at Super Bowl parties, whether you added decor or not!

Great way to get your name out there!

Both come with an Ebook, 7 email sequence that follows, plus inquiry response, a music playlist widget that you can add to your website, and 10 social media posts (if you buy the social media pack).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything delivered all at once? Yes, but it’s also delivered with detailed instructions. We’ve seen so often that templates are just a plain text word document, and you’re left not knowing what how you’re supposed to use it.

I’m not really on social media. Can I still buy this? Yes! The packs are designed both with and without social media options. You can also add the social media pack if you change your mind.

I’ve never sent emails to my customers. Is this right for me? Not only is this right for you, it’s been made for you! This is the perfect time to start having deeper conversations with your current, past, and future conversations – finding out what they like, why they book with you, when their special days are…so you can stay in front of them when it’s time to book with you.

Can I use the book as a blog post? Absolutely! The Ebook is yours to edit, so if you’d rather use it as a blog post, please do that. One client who purchased the New Year’s 2017 content templates created a video from the content.

FYI: It takes Mindy about 3 full-time days to put together these content templates. What you have to consider is – Do you have 3 full-time days completely dedicated to create EACH marketing promotion for your business?

How much revenue are you leaving on the table if you sit at your desk designing your marketing? – Multiply the number of customers you could fill in that time by your package or hourly rate.

How many customers do you need to sign to recoup the $97 for one pack? Probably less than 1 bouquet.

Save yourself time and money! Grab these template packs and start promoting your business today!

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