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Sell your service by answering these overlooked questions

Recently, we had a few hundred students come through a free 3-day email course on sales and marketing to address overlooked questions in their sales process.

Here are the results so far:

The most obvious overlooked question when selling your product is actually answering the question: How do I buy from you?

The answer to that question can be several communications via email, continuous social media posts, a couple of blog posts to generate new content and boost your traffic.

Can you answer that question? How do I buy from you?

When I coached businesses in person, they had a difficult time answering this question because they were too close to the problem.

It seems like an obvious “no brainer.” However, to the person who doesn’t know your business, it’s not obvious to them.

Take the time to map out EXACTLY what your lead needs to do to become a customer. If I am your new potential customer, do I need to…

  1. Visit a specific webpage or site?
  2. Buy online?
  3. Call you and make an appointment?
  4. Wait for you to call me?
  5. Send you an email?

Again, it may seem obvious. However, the easiest thing to do is address the obvious.

What’s Next?

The next overlooked question when selling your service is: What happens next?

After I purchase, what do I need to do? Will I be reminded? Do I pay upfront? Do I pay after the service is complete?

This is also valuable and reusable content that may seem obvious to you. Furthermore, you might feel like you’re treating your audience like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Answering these overlooked questions may seem repetitive and might feel like you keep posting the same material over and over again. However, to someone who is just meeting you for the first time, this information is brand new and wonderful.

And to those of us who see it a few times, it reminds us that you’re there. I’ve never been offended by companies that I’m a fan of reminding me how I an purchase from them, especially if they’re courteous and creative.

So your leads and customers don’t feel stupid because you over-communicate. They actually feel honored and like you care about what they’re going through.

Take 10 minutes 3 times this week and pretend to be a brand new customer to yourself. What questions do you have as a new customer of your decorating business?

You can also role play with others in the industry so you practice on each other. Join our new Facebook Group, if you haven’t already.

If you want a real challenge, I would be happy to ask you myself, so you can practice on a real person.

If that sounds fun, fill out the form, and game on!

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