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Social Media Content Calendar

Have you ever felt one step behind in your social media content calendar? Maybe you don’t even have one. However, I had been frustrated by amazing posts about weird holidays that I could have done something fun with, but I just didn’t know about it.

Like this one:

Stay Relevant with a Social Media Content Calendar

Remember, with the Facebook algorithm change, it’s not enough to just post. You need to have people share and comment so that Facebook knows you’re taking care of their audience.

You read that correctly: All your fans on Facebook belong to Facebook! 

Facebook wants you to be taking care of their people. It’s a win-win, so no need to get bitter.

Consequently, you’ll need to find clever ways to engage that audience by using a social media content calendar.

I have one for you, full of these little holidays, like world poetry day, to boost your hashtag index, stay relevant, and create new conversation starters. Furthermore, I have a BONUS tip for you, so that you set it up once and don’t have to put these in your calendar every year.

Be sure to use your time wisely and get in on the Time Management Mastery course for learning the ways to master time, so you get more important things done.

Social Media Content Calendar on Google Calendar

Here’s a sneak peek into my social media content calendar, with all these fun holidays that you, as a super creative balloon professional, can utilize to spark conversation.

How to Create Your Social Media Content Calendar Every Year Once

Again, you read that correctly. When I sat down with my list and my Google Calendar, I set up two things:

  1. I made my notification settings send me a reminder 1 week in advance. That way, if I’m behind on posting my social medial content calendar, I am reminded and can get that scheduled on the fly.
  2. I made each one recurring annually. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. One is National Holidays that fall on a Monday, regardless of date. The other includes holidays like Father’s Day, third Sunday in June, or Thanksgiving, third Thursday in November.

Get To Know Your Customers Day

If you add nothing else to your social media content calendar, then please add this one. “Get To Know Your Customers Day” is the third Thursday every 3 months. At the time of this writing, the next one is April 19, 2018.

Can I Use This Social Media Content Calendar To Plan Email Content?

YES, please use it to plan your email communication. Those people who are in your email database are even more special than your social media audience because they have given you something. They have invited you into their lives by way of their personal inbox.

Therefore, yes, you should develop emails around these special holidays too. You do not have to recognize every one of these special holidays, but you should find some that are relevant, quirky, and creative for your business.

How To Create Recurring Entries In Your Google Calendar

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate how to create a recurring entry in Google Calendar. I highly recommend using Google Calendar for your social media content calendar because it’s portable. It syncs with your phone and other devices.

The same theory holds if you use a different calendar, so don’t despair if you’re using Outlook. I’m quite certain they have a recurring feature also.

Would you like to add these “holidays” to your social media content calendar?

Grab your freebie below!

Be sure to block out some time to add these fun “holidays” to your social media content calendar. If you need help mastering your time, check out Time Management Mastery.

Grab Your Holiday List

PS – Do you want to make forms like this? I made this using Infusionsoft. However, I use several tools and you have many others to choose from. We support you also with ConvertKit and Leadpages. Again, there are hundreds more options, and they all work about the same.

Your first step is to plan what happens next!

What’s your favorite “weird” holiday? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below!

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