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Are you tired of using the “I’m tech challenged” excuse?

Do you feel like the digital world is moving too fast for you to keep up?

Are you frustrated by not understanding how to complete tasks online that are seemingly critical to your business (but you’re not sure they’re critical because you don’t understand enough to know)?

If you just raised your hand and said “YES” to those questions, I’ve got some GREAT news for you.

You’re invited to enter the new world fully functional – well at least with the vocabulary and knowledge base as a baby step to becoming fully functional in this lightning fast technological world.

Yes – You’re invited. You’re welcome here. You’re wanted here.

Don’t you hate how it’s assumed that you know what you’re doing because this stuff has been out here for so long and all the intro classes are from 5, 7, 10 years ago?

I also totally understand that there really isn’t a place for you to learn these basics anymore. And it’s kinda embarrassing to raise your hand and say, “I don’t know what I’m doing” when you think that everyone else does.

Please don’t feel embarrassed. Please ask for help. But don’t ask to hire help – you cannot put a Band-Aid on a freshly amputated limb and expect that to stop the bleeding.

I do apologize if I’ve made assumptions about where you might be technologically. But now I really want you to get up to speed because I have so many things to teach you.

However, I can’t if you don’t have the basics.

Why You Need The Basics

I want to teach you Facebook advertising – but if you don’t know how to use Facebook at a basic level, this is going to be way over your head.

I want to teach you more ways to get yourself found by adding content to your website – and improving your website. However, if you don’t understand why this is important and some basic terminology, you’ll be left in the dust.

I want you to take advantage of these content templates and sales funnels that are made for you, but if you can’t develop a landing page or put a form on your website, they’ll feel completely useless to you.

I cannot allow that!

I also cannot allow you, my cherished little dove, to get ripped off by web developers, advertising agencies, Yelp, SEO consultants because you don’t know enough about what you need – and their tech speak scares you into spending thousands of dollars you don’t need to spend, or worse, you lose your website, you don’t own your Facebook page, and you go nowhere.

Can we agree that if you got ripped off, it would suck horribly?

So, let me say again – You’re invited, you’re welcome, and you’re wanted in this 21st-Century arena of technology, business growth, and confidence.

Let’s go over the directions to get to this party, shall we?

Step #1 Beginning Facebook (for baby boomers and tech challenged)

If you’re speeding around Facebook, you will not like this class. However, if you get confused about how to like a page as your page, the difference between a page and profile, posting as yourself or your page, or just logging in, then you’ll want to enroll in this class IMMEDIATELY.

We start with a live learning session that takes place Wednesday, April 4th at 1pm Pacific time. The replay will be available to you as well as extra bite-sized reference points, so if you get stuck, you know where to go to get unstuck.

If you don’t have a handle on this part of Facebook, you cannot hire someone to run your Facebook for you. You have to own this – have to. And you have to have at least a basic understanding and a system before you pass this off to anyone.

You also cannot level up and start advertising if you cannot handle this.

During the live session, we will be doing hands-on work. We will go over where to find things in Facebook and even set some things up that you’re missing. This includes the app for your phone. If you have two computers or two screens or can listen to the show from your phone – or do everything on the replay – that would be amazing.

Step #2 – Getting Found – Intro to SEO

This can be scary, so we are going to demystify what SEO is and how it works. If you haven’t completed (or even seen) the Lifecycle Marketing free mini ecourse, you will want to complete or check it out. Knowing your business is crucial to getting yourself found.

We are going to be talking about your website here too. Here’s a bag – just breathe into it (if you’re hyperventilating) – It’s really not hard.

Again, do NOT hire anybody to help you unless you know what you need. People will take your money, and 90% of the time, you don’t have any of the necessary pieces in place for their work to benefit you – so they’re just going to take your money, and you’ll get ZERO results.

We start with a live learning session on Wednesday, April 11th at 1pm Pacific Time. Same as the Facebook class, we will do some hands-on work, and there will be a replay and extra materials available to you.

Step #3 – How to Build a Landing Page

More terrifying stuff, I know. But this is super critical in building your email database. If they don’t have a form to fill out or a reason to fill it out, they can’t and they won’t.

It’s like someone saying, “I want to buy this from you,” and you don’t have any way to take their money – so they walk away, and you cannot talk to them again. You have no money and no contact. That’s no bueno, no good, no way.

We are going to work with some simple tools to help you here. Again, it’s not hard. Just breathe.

Let’s start with the basics – terminology and the why – and then get into the technical aspects.

We start with a live learning session on Wednesday, April 18th at 1pm Pacific Time. Just like the other two classes, we will do some hands-on work, and there will be a replay and extra materials available to you.

Sound good?

Are you ready?


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