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Why You Need to Prioritize Email Over Social Media

Why choose email over social media? Your email list is one of the most important assets that you can ever build in a modern business. It’s essential for communication. Remember you do not own the social media property. Those fans are not yours. That connection with your customers when you are connecting with them through the social media platforms is not yours. You do not own that connection with your fans or your customers on social media.

When you choose email over social media, you’re choosing to control the method of communication and who owns the relationship.

Here’s an example. In the early days of Facebook, we were all encouraged to build up as many fans as possible to follow our pages. But those weren’t really our fans – Facebook had businesses build up their fan pages. Wait, what? Yes, we all did that. But who’s fans were they? Facebook’s!

In 2011, Facebook really started implementing their business revenue model with advertising, slowly and methodically with algorithm changes, diminishing organic reach to a now approximately 2% to 6%. Now,the only way that you can reach the fans that you worked so hard to acquire is you to pay for the privilege and you have to pay a lot.

What is your goal?

Keep your eye on the goal. The goal is not to become a superstar on a social media platform. Your job is to get people on your website with the GOAL OF COLLECTING THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES! You’re goal is email over social media. 

That’s the golden ticket! Furthermore, if you don’t have email as a priority, you are putting your business and long-term Jeopardy

Email is not dead – It’s not a trend and it’s not going away at least not anytime soon.

Here’s an excerpt from a case study published on


Marketing and Brand Director, Blake Pinsker of MVMT, recognized that the ebb and flow of social — algorithms changing, the up-and-downs of platform popularity — made it an unsteady base for a business model. Pinsker explains, “We knew in order to continue our growth and sustain that over a long period of time, we couldn’t romanticize with only getting traffic with social media.” So, to diversify source of traffic, the team began to invest time and resources into building a robust email marketing strategy that increased revenue by 98%.


Let’s look at that again – that’s nearly double the revenue!

Social media is also not dead, but it cannot carry the load that email can. Remember, you’re building a relationship, not shouting from the mountain tops.

Email Carries Heavy Loads

The role of email in any business is to assist in moving your customer from one stage of the journey to the next.

Email has the ability to do this more than any other channel, including social.

According to Hubspot, companies who use email to nurture leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

Email still drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, and that includes search and social.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a direct result from an email marketing message.

Putting all of your efforts into social media is not only short-sighted but it’s irresponsible because you have to own that connection in a relationship with your customers.

Your email list is one of the most important assets that you can ever build in a modern business. If you prioritize it, if you take care of people, if you nurture them, if you send them relevant interesting content, they will open up and they will look forward to hearing from you over your journey of building your business.

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